Have you ever tried something once and become instantly addicted?


That happened to my husband and I in 2015----only the addiction was to an experience, not a substance.


We did something “revolutionary” that year that we’d never done before. We boarded a plane together!


Despite being into our 3rd decade of marriage at that point, we’d never flown together …like never…..not to any place….for any reason---business nor personal.


In 2015 that changed….and in a MAJOR way!


We had no idea when we booked that flight what a pivotal turning point it would be in how we made use of our future leisure time. The trip was supposed to be a joint vacation with other family members. But circumstances intervened, plans were unexpectedly cancelled, and we were left with non-refundable plane tickets to Los Angeles and NINE days to fill between arrival and departure!




What ensued was an epic road trip during which we traversed California, Nevada, and Arizona logging over 1500 miles on a rental car. We were like kids running to the tree on Christmas morning, treating each new day of the trip like a beautifully wrapped, unopened Christmas gift…eager and excited to discover what delightful surprise would be revealed upon tearing open the wrapping paper.










Our nine days of exploration took us from the natural splendor of the Grand Canyon, to the glitz of the Vegas strip, to the star struck wonder of Hollywood, to the to the crashing, surf worthy, blue waves of the Pacific coastline.


The travel bug had bitten hard and we were hooked!











Fast forward to 2019. We’re now seasoned adventurers and unapologetic travel addicts. I chronicle our travels on my private Facebook and Instagram pages and have been surprised at how often people reach out to let me know that they look forward to seeing new posts on our latest travel shenanigans.


I’ve created the Travel Tales section of the blog to share the fun and adventure of future travel stories.

This inaugural post coincides with our recent return from our first trip to Cancun, Mexico. Most of our trips are noteworthy because of the spectacular sites, scenery, and landmarks we visit. The trip to Cancun, however,  focused on another aspect of travel about which we’ve become very passionate---the people we encounter.




I spent most of the time in Cancun sidelined with an injury that rendered me unable to walk aside from a pain riddled limp.


This unplanned physical limitation resulted in us doing the UN-thinkabale for a couple that relishes exploration and adventure ……staying in a singular hotel….. for an entire week ……during which our exploration was limited to the immediately surrounding private beach and adjoining retail/restaurant complex.











Given our travel history, we would normally consider  this the epitome of boring! But to our pleasant surprise,  in this instance, it proved to be anything but that. What we lacked in exploration ability, we gained in people experiences. The week was characterized by a delightful series of close encounters of the human kind.


On our final day there, we checked out of the hotel at 11AM, but didn’t depart until 3PM. Why? Because we’d gotten so engrossed in conversation with a couple we’d met only 24 hours prior, that we wanted to continue the fellowship.


At week’s end, I’d  seen very little of the city of Cancun, but I’d  encountered some of the very best of the people of Cancun.













Speaking  with a friend by phone midway through the week, I’d lamented our inability  to do any substantive exploration of the area. She paused for a moment and then responded: “Girl, whether you get to explore or not, you are rich in people and experiences.”


It was a timely reminder---a word in season….AND----she was 100% correct!

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