Thirty Years That Feel Like Yesterday (Poem)

I noticed his eyes first. Radiant warmth Glowing embers of a campfire.

A universe of kindness embodied in irises of earthy brown.

Dark skin Smooth like Swiss chocolate Brown satin enveloping an athletic frame

His face was art Masterfully sculpted Strength and vulnerability Seamlessly intertwined

His smile was the sunrise at dawn. Brilliant Radiant Illuminating the space between us

His gaze met mine. Fire ignited. Flame kindled.

I sensed, And Saw, And Felt, the SUMMER of him, the AUGUST of him, Despite connecting in the coolness of Fall.

Two souls Destined to cross paths Introduced—in a twist of irony—by one of my past loves

Curiosity piqued. Interest sparked. Pulled by an energetic tug transcending mere attraction.

Something ethereal was at work. Something otherworldly.

We were magnets. Transfixed. Secured by a force we felt, but could not see. Drawn instinctively, Moths to a flame.

Location, timing, and circumstance were rendered moot.

A knowing in his soul, mirrored a knowing in mine. Reflecting a call to oneness back to us.

That Fall encounter of yesteryear was the first step on a joint journey of destiny.

Three days and we were engaged. Three decades and the fertile seed of connection has yielded a mature harvest.

I still gaze into his eyes and see a universe of kindness reflected back to me. A soft place to land in a hard world.

I live a nestled life. Warm in his presence Blanketed with love Embraced with understanding Cuddled with connection Shielded from the cold of life by the blaze of shared passion

My heart—a sea of gratitude—swells with waves of appreciation. Thankful for the soul mate with whom I never FELL in love, with whom I ROSE in love…. with whom I’m STILL in love!

I first gazed into his eyes thirty years ago. Thirty years, that feel like yesterday.

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