Rising in Love (Poem)

Plummeting Tumbling Plunging Giving in to gravity FALLING

Speeding downhill on a roller coaster. Stomach flipping Heart pounding Elation Flowing FALLING

Time suspended Thoughts consumed Brain flooded Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Endorphins Intoxicating cocktail Feel-good brain chemicals stirred up all at once A serendipitous blend The reason new love FEELS so damn good FALLING

A journey of surrender Feelings shared Defenses lowered Heart opened Trust extended Vulnerability allowed FALLING

I fell in love many times before I rose in love.

Rose. Past tense of rise. A verb. To assume an upright position.

When my husband and I were drawn into each other’s orbit’s and introduced We were NOT meeting We were RECOGNIZING RISING

We gazed into each other’s eyes and saw a universe of belonging reflected back to us Two vessels Once adrift at sea, Now anchored in port Tethered soul to soul RISING

Wayward wanderers No longer looking for home Already there Home was a person not a place He was home I was home RISING

We didn’t fall We rose Twin flames that stood upright into love Engaged in three days Without dating Without kissing Without touching RISING

We blinked and three decades elapsed Time is a blur Thirty years seem like yesterday Still Standing Still Upright Delightfully, Joyously, Unapologetically loving and in love!

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