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I’m  a resident of suburban Atlanta, Georgia  with a relentless passion for the written word. When not writing, or thinking about writing, I’m immersed in a book, learning in a Zoom class, walking in nature, or wandering the nation in the company of my best friend with whom I share a delightfully incurable case of wanderlust!


He is a loving, humorous, and adventurous jokester to whom I happen to be married, and with whom I’ve built a life and raised three kids.

I consider myself a "Word Alchemist" using the power of the pen to transform the world into words. That's a fancy way of saying I'm a storyteller. I view all of life through the lens of story. And for that reason, I'm never lacking in story ideas. If I'm living life, I'm learning from it. And as I learn, I chronicle the treasures of insight, wisdom, and hope that I excavate along the way.

“Everything that happens to you is your teacher.

The secret is to learn to sit at the feet of your own life and be taught by it."

~Polly Berends

Here's a brief excerpt from one of the many chapters of life that comprise my story.


On June 19, 1865, enslaved Blacks in Texas learned they had been freed from chattel slavery. 


On June 19, 2020, I freed myself from a position that no longer served me with an organization whose vision, direction and ethics were no longer congruent with my own. 


It was my personal Juneteenth! Sometimes present life parallels past history in uniquely synchronistic ways. 


In the two years prior, I’d sensed the curtain closing on my season in that environment, but was hesitant to exit stage right from the theater of my comfort zone.


Peace grew elusive.

Anxiety multiplied.

Yet I remained stationery.

Frozen in place.

Opting for a familiar discomfort over an unfamiliar change. 


Sometimes when we don’t respond voluntarily to life’s call to adventure we are involuntarily pushed in the direction needed for growth.  Right on cue, fate rose to the challenge, unleashing a torrent of converging circumstances that pushed me to the brink of action. 


It was the infusion of courage needed to leap into a cavernous unknown, trusting that destiny would catch me on the way down.


So I jumped.

And exhaled a a prolonged sigh. 

As if I’d been holding my breath the two years prior.

In the intervening months....


I’ve grown to love the sound of my feet walking away from that no longer meant for me.


Having written the conclusion to that chapter of life, I now pen a new chapter in my story. 


It’s one in which I step into my calling as a writer and poet.  

A weaver of words into colorful tapestries of poetry and story.

A wellspring of creativity has been tapped.

Stories desiring to be told show up often at the threshold of my imagination.

They are recurrent visitors. 

Knocking fervently at the door of my mind.

Inspired into existence by anything, 

and everything, 

and nothing!

I often experience common, routine situations,  that result  in uncommon outcomes.

Serendipitous occurrences where the ordinary meets the divine.


I invite you to join me  as I share hope infused narratives derived from observations of nature, daily existence, and the inspirational people whose journey on the highway of life happens to intersect with my own.


Humans are wired for story! We process the world through narrative....even if it's an internal narrative never expressed on a page. It’s my great honor to share with you, a regular sampling of mine.

Welcome to Hope Infusion!